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Do You Need to Outsource SEO Work?

Do You Need to Outsource SEO Work?


As the world of online marketing continues to grow, the need to carry out SEO work for your business is more important than ever. We believe that most business owners are able to carry out basic SEO work but you need to be fairly adept at it if you are going to use it to its full potential.

SEO is not for the faint-hearted as it can become quite complex and time-consuming. You might not have the time to do everything that is needed and may well have too many other things going on with your business to give the time it needs. You have to remember that it is just not about carrying out a list of tasks but you will also have to carry out ongoing maintenance on these tasks and then make sure that you stay on top of Google’s updates.

In addition to this is the fact that SEO optimisation never happens instantly. It needs to be seen as a part of your business that needs continual work and assessment.

Your competitors will most likely have the same information as you. If they are using this information to grow their business, then they are most likely getting customers that could have been yours. The bottom line is that If you want your business to get those customers then you will have to work at SEO constantly in order to improve your ranking and visibility.

Doing SEO Yourself

So, after reading the above, you still want to do the SEO work yourself. Great! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it is the option we chose ourselves when we started. However, before you begin you need to ask yourself whether you have the skills and the time to do this. There are a variety of techniques and SEO tools that you can use to improve the status of your business but you will have to learn how to use them effectively.

You will need to consider what you need to do if you want to tackle SEO yourself. A typical list would include :

  • Publishing fresh and quality content on a regular basis
  • Updating existing pages constantly to add new links and update content.
  • Identifying new content and keywords
  • Maintaining your Google My Business Listing and other similar tools
  • Analysing reports from SEO analytic tools and taking action on these
  • and many more

If you can manage to do this, while at the same time servicing your business and customers, then all is good.

However, many small business owners will not have the time or inclination to carry out these tasks .  This is where a reputable SEO company will be able to resolve all of these issues for you. Obviously, SEO for you is no longer free and you will have to weigh up whether paying for these services will be cost-effective for your business.

You will need to assess which areas of SEO will be able to generate the most leads and traffic for your business, in exchange for the money you are willing to pay them. A reputable SEO company will be able to advise you on which areas you should concentrate on.

Why Do I Have To Pay For a Free Service?

As we covered in the “engine” section of our SEO intro above, Google uses a complex algorithm that takes into account various ranking factors to determine the quality, relevancy, and accuracy of a page. We know a good chunk of those ranking factors, but not all of them. Plus, Google is always evolving its algorithm. A small business SEO service can stay on top of these algorithm updates and adjust the strategy accordingly.

free keyword tools are great to use when creating content and doing the SEO work you can do. SEO tools and service subscriptions are also helpful, but you have to learn how to get the most out of each platform. A professional SEO service provider is equipped with both the best tools and the knowledge which, when combined can give you a leg up over your competitors.

Benefits of using a website SEO service

Why You Need a Responsive Web Design

Today, people access digital content over a variety of devices such as desktops and smartphones and it is of critical importance that your own material can be viewed correctly on any device. If people are able to do this with your site then it is said to be responsive and is able to identify the type of device it is being viewed on and adjust itself correctly.

Why Is This so important?

According to statista.com, in the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated almost 55% of global website traffic. More astonishingly, the 2020 Ofcom benchmark, stated that in the U.K. alone, over 80% of time spent online is now spent on mobile devices. Mobile use is increasing year by year and this underlines the fact of the importance of having a responsive website.

Having a responsive website will improve your SEO and marketing efforts, for several reasons

Responsive websites will obviously offer a better user experience than ones that aren’t. They indicate the professionalism of the business whose website it is – shoddy looking and error-prone sites will give the wrong impression and unlikely to generate sign-ups, conversions, and sales.

A responsive design will always be compatible with whatever devices are available to view content in the years to come. This makes your website future-proof and as such gives you an evergreen piece of real estate.

Despite the increased use in mobile devices, there are thousands of websites out there that still haven’t gone responsive, including some of your competitors.

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What Is SEO and Do I Need It For My Business?

In today’s world, for any small or local business looking to survive and prosper, then search engine visibility is a must. The way to do this organically is by search engine optimization (SEO). This is not a one-off process that is done once and then forgotten – it needs consistent effort over time.

This is a problem for most small businesses as most owners don’t know enough about SEO and they certainly don’t have the time to learn it. So, naturally, small business owners are wary of obtaining the services of an SEO company and paying for something that they don’t really understand.

When your website rank improves, more visitors will find your pages in search results. With more visitors arriving at and staying on your pages, you will rank higher. With high rank and wider exposure to your high-value content, more sites will link to your pages. This increases your domain authority and credibility, which further improves your website rank.

Hopefully, this post will be able to explain to you what you need to do about this.

What is small business SEO?

The crucial factor to remember in all of this is that your business is most likely to be found via a search engine. Naturally, your business needs to stand out from your competitors – you need your potential customers to come to you and not your rival in the next street.

Your first step is to understand a little about SEO yourself. There is no need to research journals, buy a book, or anything else for that matter – I will now give you everything that you need to know.

  • When you enter a search into a search engine, they respond by giving you the best possible answer to your search query. They do this by trawling through a massive amount of previous user behaviour and building a data set of responses (ranking algorithms). It is in their interests to provide the best responses, as like you, they need to stay ahead of their competion.

I will now break this down a bit further by imaging that I have a puncture in one of my car tyres and I need the services of a tyre repair service. I am in a part of Birmingham that I barely know anything about and little do I know that you are just 100 yards away from me, ready to help me out.

Like most consumers who find products, services and businesses through a search engine,, I use my phone and search Google with the search term ” tyre puncture repair near me”. (This phrase I have typed is a keyword – as you can see, the keyword can consist of many words). I have just conducted what is known as a ‘local search’.

Google will then return what it has determined the most useful results for me:-

The main point to take away from this is that for your own business you need to have high-quality webpages that convey information about your location and the services that you offer. This is done through meta tags, done in a language that a computer can understand.

In order for your potential customers to find you via a Google search, you need to rank high on Google; particularly, on the first page; ideally, in the top few results. That’s why you need to optimize your content for search engines. Hence the term “search engine optimization.”

So, That is SEO.

Done correctly SEO can give you strong results that can be maintained in time. However, as I said earlier, it does take time and it needs to be done correctly. Small businesses owners vary rarely have the knowledge or the time to make optimisations correctly. You will then need to utilise the services of a SEO agency.

Stay focused on growth

As mentioned above, SEO takes a lot of time—not just each individual tactic but also performing ongoing maintenance and staying on top of Google’s updates. By hiring a website SEO service provider, you no longer have to go down the rabbit hole of meta tag how-tos, SEO audits (unless you want to) and Google updates. This means you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business, like growing your offerings or clientele.

See quick(er) success

SEO efforts can take weeks and even months to show in terms of website traffic and more customers. So while I think that learning the hard way is often the best way, SEO’s long turnaround time makes it not the most fun place for trial and error. A small business SEO service has the combined years of experience among its specialists to be able to quickly identify wins and errors that might otherwise take you years (and precious brain cells) to achieve on your own. Plus, there are plenty of other aspects of your business that I’m sure you’re already learning the hard way.

Understand your data

The more quickly you can ramp up your website traffic, the better, because the more meaningful data you will have to work with. But what data is meaningful? How can you make sense of it all? This is another benefit of using a small business SEO service. They can take a look at your website traffic and glean key insights to inform your small business goals. They can help you to see:

  • Which pages get the most visits
  • Which calls to action are most effective
  • Which landing pages convert highest,
  • The demographic profile of your target audience.

These insights will inform your content strategy moving forward and help your SEO provider to refine its efforts down to only those that are worth your money. 

What will an SEO services company do?

On-page SEO

The on-page efforts that an SEO services company does are focused on the “crawlability” and usability of the pages on your website. They will make optimizations to the parts of your website that get seen by the public and get read by search engines. This includes

  • Content: They’ll make sure the content of your pages is relevant to the keywords you’re trying to rank for and that the content is useful and high-quality.
  • Experience: They’ll use website analytics to identify how engaging a page is and provide recommedations for improvement from a user experience standpoint.
  • Structure: They’ll make sure your website linking hierarchy is organized and easy to crawl by search engines.
  • Meta data:They’ll make sure each page is complete with title tags, headers, image tags, meta descriptions that contain keywords being targeted.

Off-page SEO

A good SEO services company will also employ various off-page SEO practices, which involve your site’s backend elements. They’ll help you with:

  • Site performance: This involves page load speed, responsiveness (renders and functions properly on any device or screen size), and image size.: 
  • Backlinks:They will help you build links to your site from other trusted sites.
  • Domain authority: They will make sure you’re consistently building trust with Google.

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