As most small businesses are able to perform basic SEO work themselves, we thought that we would outline 7 reasons why it would be worth it to do so. If at this stage you are thinking ‘ I can’t do that ‘, then no worries as we are able to help you with SEO to advance your business.

These are some of the many reasons why we consider SEO an important part of your business.

1. Organic Search

This is the search that does not involve paid ads and Is usually the biggest source of website traffic for businesses. Google, of course, is the major player in organic search as it owns over 75% of this search. As most people visit Google at least once on a daily basis to get information, it, therefore, makes sense to have a system in place that follows their guidelines in order to optimise visibility for your website.

The way to achieve this is by having a quality website and utilising SEO.

SEO allows you to optimise the business website and its content, by using local citations and backlinks.

2. Building Trust & Credibility with SEO

Building a strong business foundation with a user-friendly and informative website that gives a positive experience, and is easily discoverable in search, builds an authority that builds with time. Again SEO is a major driver of this by helping with elements like quality backlinks, positive user behaviour, and optimised on-page elements.

However, it must be remembered that establishing authority is not achieved overnight and requires time, patience, and commitment. Trust takes time.

3. Local SEO helps to increase engagement, traffic and conversions

As mobile usage continues to rise, small- and medium-sized businesses are becoming more reliant on local search, via mobile devices, for their success.

Local SEO can pinpoint the location of your business, enabling potential customers to find you quickly and easily.

Additionally, by using SEO, customers can be made aware of any deals and new products that you may have.

4. Helps you to stay above your competitors.

With SEO you will be able to see what your competitors are doing and then surpass their efforts. Doing this has many advantages including increased Google rankings, which in turn drives customer engagement.

5. SEO Is fantastic for what it costs

SEO can be seen as a low-cost investment that gives back far more than you spend. SEO will continue to keep giving for years, as long as you keep up to date by monitoring your SEO properties.

6. Tracking Your Business With SEO

SEO can help you you can measure almost anything with the help of tracking and analytics.

7. If You’re Not on page 1, you need SEO to help get you there.

Indeed, the first three organic search results account for about 40% of all click-throughs.


Using SEO is beneficial for businesses and its marketing effects.