If you, like most people, aren’t sure of the differences between a homepage and a landing page, this article will discuss the different elements of each one to help you decide when you should use each one.

WHAT ARE THE Differences Between A Landing Page and A Homepage?

Landing Pages

A landing page is designed to attract traffic from a specific source e.g. an email campaign. It is designed so that people can carry out a specific action and it is generally focused on one topic or part of your business.

If you have an email campaign for instance then you will be pointing them to a landing page. This page is designed so that people carry out a specific action and it is generally focused on one topic or part of your business. They offer a distraction-free experience and so for this reason don’t have a navigation menu.

Also, landing pages are generally temporary parts of your site that are used in campaigns.


Homepages are a bit different.

They are a static page for visitors who want to know more about your business. They generally have a navigation menu to direct visitors to the pages and services that your business carries out. They will also normally have a list of your contact details.

Creating an effective home page will ensure that someone who is interested in your business can find out everything they need to know and also get to other parts of your site with ease.


Now you will have a better idea of the purpose of both pages and how they are different – what one should you use?


If you are using a PPC campaign for a new product, or service, or to promote an event then a landing page is the best option.

This means that when someone clicks on your ad they get the information they need right away and have everything in front of them to convert.


If someone simply wants to find out about your business then a homepage works best for this.

A static homepage will list all your contact details, and the services or products that you provide and also provide easy access to the rest of your site.


If you have a new product then pointing them to a landing page through ads or an email campaign is the best option.

You want people to buy the new product, right? With a well-crafted landing page, you can outline exactly why they need this product, sprinkle it with effective calls to action and also prevent distractions such as being able to navigate away from the page. /