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 Email marketing is  a great way to promote your business and cultivate relationships.

Email Marketing – The Secret Sauce

Creating and distributing high quality and valuable content is essential in attracting and retaining customers.

We Integrate your content marketing with your other marketing channels to ensure maximum effective outreach.


EMail Marketing

Email marketing has changed the way small businesses interact with new and existing customers allowing them to create a marketing channel that easily allows two-way interaction between them.

Email has inbuilt tracking and automation capabilities that save you an enormous amount of time. Due to  this most bussinneses see email as a great tool because their ROI is often greater than other marketing methods. At the same time email allows highly targeted engagement of your audience with personalised content.

As with all of our marketing services we take the time to understand your business’ aims and objectives. In this way we be able to accurately define your target audience. To double check this information is correct we will then research what your competitors are doing.This then allows us to create a detailed email marketing strategy which is designed for your customers.Every e-mail that we send is professionally checked to ensure that we are sending out to your potential customers a message that is relevant to them, that they are sent to the right people and at the right time. By doing this we maximise customer interaction that increases the chances of increasing sales and inc revenue.

 The secret to successful email marketing is to assess what is working best with your campaigns. There are a number of techniques that can be used such as A-B split testing From this method, for example, we would be able to see which subject line works bes t or which call-to-action generates the most amount of clicks? In this way we continuously test different components of your campaigns to ensure that the best possible results are obtained.A report is provided for each campaign detailing several factors such as overall performance and ROI we provide , so that you can track performance and see your ROI.

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