Frequently asked questions about our web design services.

Do you design websites for all types of business?

We build websites for all types of business, from start-ups to larger enterprises. We are happy to create one-page websites or more complex websites that have many pages.

What is your design process?

We make certain that we thoroughly understand your business type, needs and requirements before we undertake any design work for you. We will then suggest ideas to you on how to proceed and then quote a price for your design. When you are happy, we will then begin the design work. All of our websites are crafted individually and are guaranteed to be unique.

Does my business need a website?

A business website is an important asset that allows visitors to find your business. However, you need to give serious consideration to the quality and structure of your website. Your web designer should be able to provide you with a website that has, at the very minimum, a coherent website navigation, give a positive user experience and have fast loading pages,

Will I get a dedicated web designer as my point of contact?

 You will be designated a designer who will act as your point of contact during the whole web design process

Can you redesign my/our website?

 A large percentage of our clients ask us to redesign their websites and we are happy to do so. All of this will be done on development web servers which will allow you to carry on using your original website until we complete the new design.

How long will it take to create my website?

 With smaller websites, we aim to complete within 3-5 weeks. Larger websites obviously take longer to complete and these can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to complete, and perhaps longer with more complex e-commerce type stores.

How can we contact you?

 You will be designated a designer who will act as your point of contact during the whole web design process

Will my site be secure?

 Yes. All of our sites are secure and meet the https standard.

Do you outsource your web design?

 No. Everything is done in-house. We never outsource in order to maintain quality standards.

How much will my website cost?

As individual and business requirements are so different in every case, we are unable to give you an exact cost here. The best way to find out the cost for your particular project is to simply contact us and we will then supply you with an highly competitive quote. 

Is my site backed- up?

 All of our websites are backed-up  on at least a weekly basis.

Is my quote a fixed price or is it likely to change?

 All of our quotes take in to account everything that you have asked us to do. As such, all of our quotes are very accurate and we try not to exceed the figure quoted. However, if you change your requirements, then the quoted figure may have to be adjusted accordingly. There will never be any hidden costs.

Will my website display correctly on all devices?

 Yes, all of our designs are responsive, meaning that they will display correctly on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Who owns the website after completion?

 You will completely own the website.

Do I own the domain name as well?

 Yes. We ask you to purchase your own domain. This is an easy process but if you are unsure on how to do this, we will guide you every step of the way. By purchasing your own domain, you will retain complete control over your website.

Can I use a domain that I already own?

Yes, that’s no problem. You will just have to point your domain to our servers. This is a simple process and we can send you instructions on how to do this if you are unsure.

Do I have to purchase hosting?

All of our websites come with 12 months free hosting. After 12 months, you have the option of continuing with this. The current cost, for 2021, is £7.50 per month.

Do I need to supply photos during the design process?

  You are quite welcome to supply any photos that you have and we will use these in your design. However, if you would like us to supply the photos, then we can do this for you as well. In the majority of cases these will be provided to you, free of charge. If you require  more specialist photos, then a small charge may be incurred by yourself – however we will inform you of this beforehand.

Can you create a logo for me?

Yes. Our graphic designers are experienced in creating logos and also in creating your brand identity.

How do we pay for our website?

On smaller websites we ask for a 50% upfront deposit, with the final payment due on completion. On larger sites we ask for a 25% deposit upfront and then regular payments when we reach agreed milestones.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept secure payment via Paypal or via GoCardless, our official payment partner.

Can I make changes to the website myself?

  All of our websites come are built with the WordPress CMS ( Content Management System). We use WordPress as we believe it is the easiest system that enables clients to make change to their sites themselves. We will guide you through the process of doing this but always remember that we are only a phone call away should you require our help.

Can you write the content for my site?

Yes, we have can create content for you. This is will incur an additional charge, dependent on the volume of content that you require us to do,

Can you help me after my website is complete?

 Yes, we have a range of services that you can use to develop your website and business. These include SEO (search engine optimisation) services, social media marketing and content marketing. We also offer website maintenance plans and general support that will help you sort out website related problems.

Can you set up Google Analytics for me?

Yes. We do this as part of the website design. We will ask you the details of your Google account so that we can set it up for you.

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