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 Our SEO services, now available throughout Coventry, will help improve your visibility on search engines and increase traffic. Take advantage of the fact that many of your competitors are ignoring this opportunity.

Local SEO is the practice of optimising your online presence to increase search engine visibility with local users.

 This is important when you realise that over 4o% of all Google searches are from people that are looking for local businesses.

Google’s ‘Local Pack’ is perhaps the most recognisable of local SEO. These are three businesses that appear in the box at the top of the search page. As these appear further towards the top of a search page, businesses that appear here will get more clicks and the possibility of more customers than those that appear lower down the page. 

To appear in the top three is not an automatic process


As a family-run business, based in the West Midlands, we offer SEO and Digital Marketing Expertise throughout the U.K.

Our Services include :

Web Design


Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

and much more …

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How LBS can help you improve your SEO

Google My Business (GMB)

Many businesses create a Google Business profile to attempt to increase their business visibility but what they don’t realise is that this tool allows very little management and is of little use if trying to use it for seo purposes. In order to do this, you have to create a GMB listing. We make sure that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) is consistent across all the online directories you’ve enlisted in. This is important because if any discrepancies are found by Google Google is likely to avoid listing your business in the Local Pack.

On-page Signals 

Listing all the information your customers want to know about your business, including locations, services, address – and making sure that it’s exactly the same as on your GMB listing.  

NAP Citations 

A local citation is when a third-party website (such as a blog, article, directory or review site) lists your business  This could contain your business name, location, or contact info. It does not require a backlink to your website. 

Localised Content 

Blogs are a great way to include any local topics or conversations that might not fit in your website landing pages. 

Online Reviews 

 you can get a higher Google ranking if you get positive ratings or reviews. getting great reviews and testimonials into your business directory listing and on external sites a  key factor in getting you business noticed.

Google will include the number of reviews you have when ranking local businesses. While  it doesn’t matter to the search engine crawler whether they are positive or negative, the actual content will certainly affect your customers, traffic, conversions and revenue.

Local Backlinks 

Helping you to develop backlinks from websites like local newspapers and local directories,

 In local search, people are searching for a particular type of business in a particular location. meaning that if these SEO methods were carried out correctly then your business could be in a better position than your competitors

Local SEO is cheap compared with traditional advertising methods.  Many local SEO techniques are free to use and implement, 

Local searches are generally looking for information on local businesses, so having information readily available (i.e. your name, address and contact details) on your website and through specified, trusted directories will help your business stra

Our Promise To You

As a local family business, Local Business Solutions provide bespoke online solutions to new and existing businesses.We work tirelessly to provide solutions, that help you to thrive within your marketplace. As you are experts in your chosen field, we listen meticulously to what you have to tell us -your hopes, fears, concerns and ambitions. We are then better able to understand your needs – each business is different and that is why the digital agency service you receive from us is unique to yourself. We understand the need to offer you a sensible cost-effective service and to do this we use intelligent and cost-effective solutions that help you to become profitable.

Web Design and Ecommerce

 As a digital marketing company based in Birmingham and the West Midlands, we use WordPress to build our websites. We believe WordPress is the ideal platform to build sites not only because of its myriad design opportunities but also because of its super user-friendly framework. We believe we can design any website you require, with whatever functions you desire and with a system that you are able to easily use. Local Business Solutions works with any type of business, and no job is too big or small for us.

SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing

Your website needs to be visible in order for possible clients to assess it. To increase visibility, our team works systematically to improve your search rankings and thereby improve your online visibility. All of the techniques we use in order to affect this are 100% White Hat – meaning we do not use unethical methods to achieve higher rankings. Working alongside this, LBS also specialises in providing SEO-friendly web design platforms to ensure that the make up of your site your site is suitable for search engines. 

We are here to help grow your business

Get in touch with our digital experts to find out more about our digital marketing and web development services .